Stonebridge Completes the Growth Equity Recapitalization of Safety Infrastructure Solutions March 2017

Stonebridge Partners Acquires Cast-Crete USA, LLC in Partnership with Management January 2017

Stonebridge Partners Completes the Recapitalization of ADI American Distributors May 2016

American Dryer Enters Into Agreement To Be Acquired By Whirlpool May 2015

Stonebridge Partners Recapitalizes the Swiff-Train Company December 2014

Stonebridge Partners Acquires Really Innovations as an Add-on to BrandFX July 2014

Stonebridge Partners Acquires BrandFX September 2013

Stonebridge Partners Portfolio Company, Safety Infrastructure Solutions, Completes Another Add-On Acquisition of a Regional Competitor December 2012

Stonebridge Partners Acquires Metaris Hydraulics October 2012

Stonebridge Partners Acquires Flint Hydrostatics July 2012

Stonebridge Completes the Acquisition of a Safety Infrastructure Solutions Business May 2012

Exal Sells Its European Operations to Ardaugh Group February 2012

Stonebridge Partners Realizes a Return of Seven Times its Investment with the Sale of Boyd Corporation July 2011

Stonebridge Partners Sells Alpha Packaging and Durcon September 2010

Stonebridge Partners Completes the Recapitalization of Specialty Bakers September 2010

Stonebridge Partners Completes the Acquisition of Attica Hydraulic Exchange August 2010

Stonebridge Partners Announces the Recapitalization of Exal Group April 2010




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